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In this pri¬≠va¬≠cy poli¬≠cy, auf¬≠werts GmbH (‚Äúwe‚ÄĚ,‚ÄĚour‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúthe enter¬≠pri¬≠se‚ÄĚ) exp¬≠lain their approach to the collec¬≠tion of user data from anyo¬≠ne visi¬≠t¬≠ing our web¬≠site (‚Äúweb¬≠site‚ÄĚ). Or other¬≠wi¬≠se pro¬≠vi¬≠de us with per¬≠so¬≠nal¬≠ly iden¬≠ti¬≠fia¬≠ble infor¬≠ma¬≠ti¬≠on (collec¬≠tively: ‚Äúuser‚ÄĚ).
Respon­si­ble aut­ho­ri­ty wit­hin the mea­ning of the Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­ti­on (DSGVO):

User rights

You have the fol­lo­wing rights:
  1. A con­fir­ma­ti­on of whe­ther and to what extent your per­so­nal data is used and pro­ces­sed, as well as reques­ting access to the per­so­nal data stored about you and addi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on
  2. Request a copy of the per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on you vol­un­ta­ri­ly pro­vi­ded to us in a struc­tu­red, com­mon and machi­ne-read­a­ble for­mat.
  3. Request a cor­rec­tion of the per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on we have stored about you.
  4. Request the dele­ti­on of your per­so­nal data.
  5. Con­tra­dict the pro­ces­sing of your per­so­nal data by us.
  6. Request the restric­tion of the pro­ces­sing of your per­so­nal data by us.
  7. Sub­mit a com­p­laint to a regu­lato­ry agen­cy.
Keep in mind, howe­ver, that the­se rights are not unli­mi­ted, but sub­ject to our own legi­ti­ma­te inte­rests and regu­lato­ry requi­re­ments.
If you would like to avail yours­elf of any of the rights listed above or would like more infor­ma­ti­on, plea­se con­tact our Pri­va­cy Offi­cer at:
auf­werts GmbH
Ingo Kör­ner
August Wil¬≠helm K√ľhn¬≠holz-Str. 5
26135 Olden­burg
We will retain your per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on for as long as it is necessa­ry to pro­vi­de our ser­vices, to com­ply with legal obli­ga­ti­ons, resol­ve dis­pu­tes, and enforce our poli­ci­es. Reten­ti­on peri­ods depend on the type of data collec­ted and the pur­po­se for which it was collec­ted, taking into account both case-spe­ci­fic cir­cum­s­tan­ces and the need to era­se obso­le­te unu­sed infor­ma­ti­on as soon as pos­si­ble. We store records of Customer’s per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on, account set­ups, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons and other infor­ma­ti­on in accordance with app­li­ca­ble laws and regu­la­ti­ons.
We may, at any time and in our sole dis­cre­ti­on, cor­rect, com­ple­te or remo­ve incom­ple­te or incor­rect data.
Basis for data collec­tion
The pro¬≠ces¬≠sing of your per¬≠so¬≠nal data (ie any data that allows you to iden¬≠ti¬≠fy yours¬≠elf by rea¬≠son¬≠ab¬≠le means; ‚Äúper¬≠so¬≠nal data‚ÄĚ) is requi¬≠red to ful¬≠fill our con¬≠trac¬≠tu¬≠al obli¬≠ga¬≠ti¬≠ons to you and to pro¬≠vi¬≠de you with our ser¬≠vices, pro¬≠tect our legi¬≠ti¬≠ma¬≠te inte¬≠rests, and com¬≠ply with the legal and finan¬≠ci¬≠al regu¬≠lato¬≠ry obli¬≠ga¬≠ti¬≠ons to which we are sub¬≠ject.
By using this site, you con­sent to the collec­tion, sto­rage, use, dis­clo­sure and other use of your per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on as descri­bed in this Pri­va­cy Poli­cy.
Plea­se read the pri­va­cy poli­cy care­ful­ly befo­re making any decisi­ons.
Which data is collec­ted?
We collect two types of data and infor­ma­ti­on from users.
The first cate­go­ry inclu­des non-iden­ti­fy­ing and uniden­ti­fia­ble user data pro­vi­ded or collec­ted through use of the web­site (“Non-per­so­nal data“). We do not know the iden­ti­ty of the user from whom non-per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on was collec­ted. Non-per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on that may be collec­ted inclu­des aggre­ga­te usa­ge data and tech­ni­cal data trans­mit­ted by your device, inclu­ding cer­tain infor­ma­ti­on regar­ding soft­ware and hard­ware (eg, brow­ser used on the device and ope­ra­ting sys­tem used, lan­guage set­ting, access time, etc .). We use this data to impro­ve the func­tio­n­a­li­ty of our web­site. We may also collect data about your activi­ty on the web­site (eg, view­ed pages, sur­fing beha­vi­or, clicks, actions, etc.).
Belong to the second cate­go­ry per­so­nal data that is, data that iden­ti­fies or iden­ti­fies an indi­vi­du­al through appro­pria­te action. Such data inclu­de:
  • Device Data: We collect per¬≠so¬≠nal infor¬≠ma¬≠ti¬≠on from your device. Such data inclu¬≠des geo¬≠lo¬≠ca¬≠ti¬≠on data, IP address, uni¬≠que iden¬≠ti¬≠fiers (such as MAC address and UUID), as well as other data resul¬≠ting from your activi¬≠ty on the web¬≠site.
How do we get data about you?

We obtain your per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on from various sources:

  • We recei¬≠ve such infor¬≠ma¬≠ti¬≠on when you use our web¬≠site or access it in con¬≠nec¬≠tion with any of our ser¬≠vices.
  • We recei¬≠ve such data from other pro¬≠vi¬≠ders, ser¬≠vices, and public regis¬≠ters (for examp¬≠le, data traf¬≠fic ana¬≠ly¬≠sis pro¬≠vi¬≠ders).
How is the data used? Who is the data sha­red with?
We do not sha­re User Data with third par­ties except as descri­bed in this Pri­va­cy Poli­cy.
We use Data­for the fol­lo­wing pur­po­ses:
  • For sta¬≠tis¬≠ti¬≠cal and ana¬≠ly¬≠ti¬≠cal pur¬≠po¬≠ses, which ser¬≠ve to impro¬≠ve the web¬≠site
In addi­ti­on to the various uses listed above, we may also sha­re per­so­nal­ly iden­ti­fia­ble infor­ma­ti­on with our affi­lia­tes, affi­lia­tes and sub­con­trac­tors.
In addi­ti­on to the pur­po­ses set out in this Pri­va­cy Poli­cy, we may trans­fer per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on to our trusted third par­ty ven­dors based in dif­fe­rent juris­dic­tions around the world for the fol­lo­wing rea­sons:
  • Host and Bedri¬≠ve our web¬≠site
  • Show ads as well as the abi¬≠li¬≠ty to judge the suc¬≠cess of our adver¬≠ti¬≠sing cam¬≠pai¬≠gns, retar¬≠ge¬≠ting of users
We may also dis­c­lo­se data if we are in good faith, which is hel­pful or appro­pria­te to: (i) com­ply with app­li­ca­ble laws, regu­la­ti­ons, lawsuits, or regu­lato­ry inqui­ries; (ii) enforce our poli­ci­es (inclu­ding our agree­ment) and, if app­li­ca­ble, inves­ti­ga­te pos­si­ble vio­la­ti­ons; (iii) inves­ti­ga­te, detect, pre­vent or take action against ille­gal activi­ties or other mis­con­duct, suspec­ted fraud or secu­ri­ty issu­es; (iv) assert or enforce its own legal claims or defend us against the claims of others; (v) pro­tect the rights, pro­per­ty or our safe­ty, the safe­ty of our users, your safe­ty or the safe­ty of third par­ties; or (vi) to coope­ra­te with law enforce­ment agen­ci­es and / or to pro­tect intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty or other rights.
We and our part­ners use coo­kies to pro­vi­de appro­pria­te ser­vices. This also app­lies if you visit our web­site or access our ser­vices.
A ‚Äúcoo¬≠kie‚ÄĚ is a small pie¬≠ce of data that is asso¬≠cia¬≠ted with your device when visi¬≠t¬≠ing a page of this web¬≠site. Coo¬≠kies are use¬≠ful and can be used for dif¬≠fe¬≠rent pur¬≠po¬≠ses. The¬≠se inclu¬≠de easier navi¬≠ga¬≠ti¬≠on bet¬≠ween dif¬≠fe¬≠rent pages, auto¬≠ma¬≠tic activa¬≠ti¬≠on of cer¬≠tain func¬≠tions, saving your set¬≠tings and opti¬≠mi¬≠zed access to our ser¬≠vices. The use of coo¬≠kies also allows us to show you rele¬≠vant, tailo¬≠red adver¬≠ti¬≠se¬≠ments and to collect sta¬≠tis¬≠ti¬≠cal infor¬≠ma¬≠ti¬≠on about your use of our ser¬≠vices.
This web­site uses the fol­lo­wing types of coo­kies:
a. ‚ÄúSes¬≠si¬≠on coo¬≠kies‚ÄĚthat ensu¬≠re nor¬≠mal sys¬≠tem usa¬≠ge. Ses¬≠si¬≠on coo¬≠kies are stored for a limi¬≠ted time during a ses¬≠si¬≠on and are dele¬≠ted from your device when you clo¬≠se your brow¬≠ser.
b. “Per­sis­tent coo­kies“, which are read only by the web page and are not dele­ted when clo­sing the brow­ser win­dow, but are stored on your com­pu­ter for a cer­tain peri­od of time. This type of coo­kie allows us to iden­ti­fy you on your next visit and, for examp­le, save your set­tings.
c. ‚ÄúThird-par¬≠ty Coo¬≠kies‚ÄĚthat are set by other online ser¬≠vices that have their own con¬≠tent on the page you are visi¬≠t¬≠ing. This can be for examp¬≠le, exter¬≠nal web ana¬≠ly¬≠tics com¬≠pa¬≠nies that collect and ana¬≠ly¬≠ze access to our web¬≠site.
Coo­kies do not con­tain per­so­nal­ly iden­ti­fia­ble infor­ma­ti­on that iden­ti­fies you, but we may link the per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on we hold to the infor­ma­ti­on con­tai­ned in the coo­kies. You can remo­ve coo­kies through the device set­tings of your device. Fol­low the appro­pria­te inst­ruc­tions. Plea­se note that dis­ab­ling coo­kies may restrict cer­tain func­tions when using our web­site.
The tool we use is based on the tech­no­lo­gy of Snow­plow Ana­ly­tic.For examp­le, the infor­ma­ti­on we collect about the use of our web­site inclu­des how often users visit the site or which are­as are acces­sed. The tool we use does not collect per­so­nal­ly iden­ti­fia­ble infor­ma­ti­on and is used by our web hos­ting pro­vi­der and ser­vice pro­vi­der sole­ly to impro­ve our offe­rings.
Using Script Libra­ries (Goog­le Web Fonts)
To make our con­tent appe­ar cor­rec­t­ly and gra­phi­cal­ly appe­aling in every brow­ser, we use script and font libra­ries such as Goog­le Web Fonts ( Goog­le Web fonts are trans­fer­red to your browser’s cache, so they only need to be loa­ded once. If your brow­ser does not sup­port or deny Goog­le Web Fonts, the con­tent will be dis­play­ed in a stan­dard font.
  • When cal¬≠ling script or font libra¬≠ries, we auto¬≠ma¬≠ti¬≠cal¬≠ly con¬≠nect to the owner of the libra¬≠ry. The¬≠re is theo¬≠re¬≠ti¬≠cal¬≠ly the pos¬≠si¬≠bi¬≠li¬≠ty for this ope¬≠ra¬≠tor to collect data. At pre¬≠sent it is not known whe¬≠ther and for what pur¬≠po¬≠se the ope¬≠ra¬≠tors of the respec¬≠tive libra¬≠ries actual¬≠ly collect data.
  • Here are the pri¬≠va¬≠cy poli¬≠ci¬≠es of the Goog¬≠le Libra¬≠ry ope¬≠ra¬≠tor:,
Collec­tion of data by third par­ties
This poli­cy covers only the use and dis­clo­sure of any infor­ma­ti­on we collect from you. If you post data to other web­sites or dis­c­lo­se them to others on the inter­net, other terms may app­ly. The­re­fo­re, always read the Terms and Con­di­ti­ons and Pri­va­cy Poli­cy care­ful­ly when dis­clo­sing infor­ma­ti­on.
This Pri­va­cy Poli­cy does not app­ly to busi­ness prac­tices of com­pa­nies that we do not own or con­trol, or to anyo­ne other than our employees and employees, inclu­ding third par­ties to whom we dis­c­lo­se this infor­ma­ti­on as descri­bed in this Pri­va­cy Poli­cy.

How do we pro­tect your data?

We use the secu­ri­ty mea­su­res on the web­site with gre­at care and pro­tect your data. We use indus­try-stan­dard pro­ce­du­res and poli­ci­es to ensu­re the pro­tec­tion of the infor­ma­ti­on we collect and store and pre­vent the unaut­ho­ri­zed use of such infor­ma­ti­on. We also requi­re third par­ties to com­ply with simi­lar secu­ri­ty requi­re­ments in accordance with this Pri­va­cy Poli­cy. Alt­hough we take rea­son­ab­le steps to pro­tect data, we can not be held respon­si­ble for the actions of tho­se who have acces­sed or misus­ed our Web Site and we make no express or implied war­ran­ty that we have such access can pre­vent.
Trans­mis­si­on of data out­si­de the European Eco­no­mic Area
Note that some bene­fi­cia­ries may not be based in the European Eco­no­mic Area. If this is the case, we will only sub­mit your data to coun­tries with ade­qua­te data pro­tec­tion levels appro­ved by the European Com­mis­si­on, or ensu­re an ade­qua­te level of data pro­tec­tion through a legal agree­ment.
When you access our web­site, we may dis­play ads using third-par­ty ad tech­no­lo­gy. This tech­no­lo­gy uses your ser­vice usa­ge infor­ma­ti­on for the ad ser­ving (for examp­le, by pla­cing third-par­ty coo­kies in your web brow­ser).
You can opt-out of many third-par¬≠ty ad net¬≠works, inclu¬≠ding net¬≠works ope¬≠ra¬≠ted by mem¬≠bers of the Net¬≠work Adver¬≠ti¬≠sing Initia¬≠ti¬≠ve (‚ÄúNAI‚ÄĚ) and the Digi¬≠tal Adver¬≠ti¬≠sing Alli¬≠an¬≠ce (‚ÄúDAA‚ÄĚ). Infor¬≠ma¬≠ti¬≠on about the prac¬≠tices of NAI and DAA mem¬≠bers, about your opti¬≠ons regar¬≠ding the use of such data by the¬≠se com¬≠pa¬≠nies, and how to unsub¬≠scri¬≠be from third-par¬≠ty ad net¬≠works ope¬≠ra¬≠ted by NAI and DAA mem¬≠bers can be found on the respec¬≠tive web¬≠site:!/ and!/,
We may use your per­so­nal­ly iden­ti­fia­ble infor­ma­ti­on, such as your name, email address, pho­ne num­ber, etc., yours­elf or for­ward it to an out­si­de sub­con­trac­tor to pro­vi­de you with pro­mo­tio­nal mate­ri­al about our ser­vices that you may be inte­rested in.
We respect your right to pri­va­cy. The­re­fo­re, the­se mar­ke­ting mate­ri­als always give you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to unsub­scri­be from fur­ther sub­mis­si­ons. When you sign out, your email address or pho­ne num­ber will be remo­ved from our mar­ke­ting mai­ling lists.
Plea­se note that even after unsub­scrib­ing from recei­ving our mar­ke­ting emails, we will con­ti­nue to send you emails con­tai­ning important infor­ma­ti­on that does not con­tain a opt-out opti­on. The­se inclu­de main­ten­an­ce messa­ges or admi­nis­tra­ti­ve noti­fi­ca­ti­ons.
Cor­po­ra­te tran­sac­tion
We may dis­c­lo­se data in the event of a cor­po­ra­te tran­sac­tion (such as the sale of signi­fi­cant parts of a busi­ness, mer­ger, con­so­li­da­ti­on or asset sale). In the event of any of the above, the acqui­rer or the rele­vant com­pa­ny will assu­me the rights and obli­ga­ti­ons set forth in this Pri­va­cy Poli­cy.
Children’s data
The pro­tec­tion of children’s data is very important, espe­ci­al­ly in the online area. The web­site is not desi­gned for child­ren and is not inten­ded for them. Use of our ser­vices by child­ren is per­mit­ted only with the pri­or con­sent or aut­ho­ri­za­ti­on of a parent or guar­di­an. We do not kno­win­gly collect per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on from child­ren. If a parent or legal guar­di­an learns that his or her child pro­vi­ded us with per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on wit­hout their con­sent, they can con­tact us at
Updates or chan­ges to this Pri­va­cy Poli­cy
We reser¬≠ve the right to chan¬≠ge or revi¬≠se this Pri¬≠va¬≠cy Poli¬≠cy from time to time. You will find the date of the cur¬≠rent ver¬≠si¬≠on under ‚ÄúLast chan¬≠ged on‚ÄĚ. Your con¬≠ti¬≠nued use of the plat¬≠form fol¬≠lo¬≠wing the pos¬≠ting of such chan¬≠ges to our site con¬≠sti¬≠tu¬≠tes your agree¬≠ment to such chan¬≠ges to the Pri¬≠va¬≠cy Poli¬≠cy and con¬≠sti¬≠tu¬≠tes your accep¬≠tan¬≠ce of the com¬≠mit¬≠ment to the amen¬≠ded terms.
How to reach us
If you have any gene­ral ques­ti­ons about the site, the infor­ma­ti­on we collect about you, or the use of this infor­ma­ti­on, plea­se con­tact us at
auf­werts GmbH
last chan­ged at 11/24/2019