With LOPE you get everything done.

At its core, LOPE uses Lean princi­ples to keep work flowing. For this rea­son, when ent­e­ring a task an esti­ma­te is made of how much time will be requi­red to com­ple­te it. Whe­ther a dead­line is spe­ci­fied or not, the pro­gram balan­ces the total time value of all tasks with the free slots in the calen­dar and com­pu­tes how long it will take to com­ple­te them all. For the good feeling.

LOPE auto­ma­ti­cal­ly prio­ri­ti­zes the tasks so that they can be done in opti­mal order and without crea­ting idle times by swit­ching back and forth. Prio­ri­ties are cal­cu­la­ted with the help of the avail­ab­le data for task size, wai­t­ing time and dead­lines. It is visi­ble at a glance how much work is still to be done. And by che­cking against the calen­dar, it pro­vi­des infor­ma­ti­on at any time as to whe­ther appoint­ments can be held and what com­mit­ments the user can make with a clear conscience.